Dear Warrior,

Messages from Fellow Warriors

"Alright so I'm going to come right out and say it; Life sucks, life hurts. Adjusting as a civilian, finding a career, relationships, health issues, dealing with trauma, etc. Apart from all that, LIFE IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! I say it like that because I'm passionate about that beauty. That's my passion. I'm conscious about what I have control over and accept the seasons as they come. Letting go of the things I don't have control over--I CHOOSE to be happy today, and tomorrow, there is a good chance I know what will be my choice again. Circumstances change for the better or worse. People come and people go. Some things are forever, most things, aren't. I'm HAPPY with where I'm at today...scars, extra pounds, whatever, I will not let yesterday's pain rob me from what the future holds. I'm slaying all of the above--staying BEAST, staying SAVAGE--MISSION CRITICAL! I share this right now because there are people in your life right now I can bet are going through something and you may or may not know it. For many, the struggle is real". 

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Life is never easy. We were trained for battle. Don't take the easy way out, get help if you need it. Even with all the bullshit, life is still worth living. Semper fi brothers.