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veteran support Rudy's Project was created to involve the community; schools, churches, families, organizations, in remembering the birthday's of Veterans around the nation. The project fell into place when I met a Navy veteran, named Rudy. He mentioned that his birthday was approaching and that he didn't have family near. I had been wanting to start a program that would get communities involved in recognizing our Veterans, some like Rudy, who do not have family near to provide support. 

Then Rudy shared his story with me. For his birthday, he was honored by being the inspiration behind Rudy's Project. Read his story...

"I have been dealing with a heart issue, cardiomyopathy, since 2011. they have no idea what caused it, and to fix it I will need a heart transplant. At that time I had a dual ICD installed (a defibrillator and pacemaker). 

I have constant short of breath, chest pains, and until recent cardio events that have made me pass out, which led to my being 'zapped'. These events have cause PTSD. I have been shocked 30x's within an 18 month period, with the most at one time being 8 times. The closest feeling I can explain is that of a sledgehammer to the chest. 

The first time it happened I was driving across a rather high bridge so now every time I get a strange feeling in my chest I hunker down for the incoming pain. This led to my suicide attempt. 

I had enough of the doctors, the pills, the pain. The anniversary of 9-11 was also coming up, and at that point I just had enough. I was tired of fighting the good fight. I had taken a large amount of pills, made a few comments on social media and sent my best friend Brian an email.  Brian ended up calling my wife at the time and she raced home. I had my gun to my head, pulling the trigger, when she smacked it out of my hand. The last thing I remember was being put in the back of a cruiser and waking up in the hospital. 

I am forever indebted to Brian. A year later he took his life and I was unable to help."  

When asked if he wanted to share a message to Veterans, Rudy simply said,                                                              "Don't give up". 

Want to get involved?

We need signed, handmade birthday cards from anyone wishing to express gratitude and birthday blessings to our Veterans. This is a great opportunity for schools, churches, families, and organizations to reach out to our Veterans. Every Veteran who signs up on the Veteran Birthday list will receive a birthday card each year. 

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Where do I send cards? 

All cards will be sent to one address then sent out on each Veterans birthday. Please send a message and we will provide you with the needed information.

I am a Veteran and would like to be on the recipient list.

First, thank you for your service and endless sacrifices! To be added to the birthday list, please use the form below to add your information. All information is confidential and never shared. 

I can't make cards, but would like to help with postage costs.

Please send us a message and a link will be provided to make a donation. Your donation is used strictly for postage. We do not make any money from this program and all work put into the program is done on a volunteer basis. 

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